Real Estate Services: Foundation Experts, LLC is on call for on-site structural assessments and reports for real estate transactions. The company works for buyers and sellers as well as all real estate agencies and many banks.

Most mortgages require the buyer to furnish an inspection report on the property as part of the loan package submitted to the underwriter. On most occasions, the standard home inspection recommends a structural expert or engineer to certify the property as structurally sound. Cracks in foundation walls, moisture in the basement and concerns about wood framing lead the list of concerns that could stall final approval on a loan. Structural reviews are out of the expertise of the home inspection companies.

Foundation Experts, LLC visits the site, pulls a history on permitted work performed at the property and fully evaluates visible structural concerns.

Areas that relate to structural integrity include:

  • Foundation Walls
  • Basement Floor
  • Columns, Posts and Piers
  • Beams, Joists, Rim Joist and Sill Plate
  • Egress Modifications
  • Egress Requirements
  • Mold and Water Intrusion Sources
  • Outside Masonry Issues
  • External Water Navigation

    Along with reporting on the conditions, the client receives detail on how to remediate a concern, if one is present. Too often, the parties involve make rash decisions based on information from uninformed contractors. The foundation industry is inundated with firms that have no knowledge of engineering practices and local building code requirements. Foundation Experts has reports on properties where tens of thousands of dollars in repair were missed or performed improperly.

    Often, a prospective buyer simply wants "peace of mind" that their new purchase is structurally sound and won't turn into a "money pit" for repairs.

    The company offers multiple levels of response and reporting. These are performed by experienced, licensed and qualified construction managers as well as visits by state licensed structural and civil engineers. When repairs are necessary, samples of comparable projects are presented so the client can understand the tasks involved. These samples are the blue print for making the home sound.

    Site visit fees start @ $175.00.